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Stonebridge farm is a small, family run, holding.  We keep sheep, pigs and poultry and provide various products and services.

About Us

Prizewinning Sheep

We have a flock of Suffolk sheep.  Suffolks are the flagship breed in the British Isles and are recognized as the leading terminal sire on a variety of ewes to produce top quality prime lamb.Our flock have had recent success at various shows. 

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Pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black pigs

At Stonebridge we breed pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, Our pigs run free range apart from a few months over the harsh winter. They are fed a unique diet consisting of spent grain from a local brewery, whey from a local cheese maker along with locally sourced mineral meal and vegetables . This results in fantastic pork. 

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Family Run

We are the only employees in this small family run business.  We have our son Angus helping out the odd time and we also have Rolo, our brown Labrador, playing his part.  We all love life on the farm.

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Just call Robbie on the number below to arrange a visit.

Stonebridgecottage farm

168 Derryboy Road Crossgar Downpatrick BT30 9DJ


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Stonebridge Vision

As we are in the early stages of making our produce available to the public we are taking it one step at a time.  

However, we think the future looks very bright at Stonebridge Cottage Farm as more people like to know exactly where their food is coming from.  By supporting local business, the consumer has the chance to know more about the food they are eating.

In the future we would love to expand our holding to a small farm shop, on an honesty box basis, and expand our range of produce. Of course we will keep to our values of local, traceable and quality.

Thank you for showing your support to the Neill family.

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